I remember travelling out of my country for the first time, it was exciting and nerve-racking. The good thing was that it was still within my comfort zone, as I travelled within Africa. In one trip, I visited four countries and like the saying goes, travelling is a part of education. Reading about these countries did not do justice to them but visiting and seeing first hand, I appreciated them better.
          The places that I have seen cut across almost all the continents. As at my last count in 17 years, I can say 14 countries in Africa, 8 countries in Europe, 3 countries in the Middle East, North America, 4 countries in South America, 1 country in the Caribbean and 4 counties in Asia. I know it’s just the start and there are more to come.
          The places are shared between my being a diplomat and the others as the spouse of a diplomat. When you have to stay just for a short time in a new country, what you feel is excitement but when you have to live in a country, the feeling is totally different. In this case, I’m excited about knowing a new country, at the same time afraid of the unknown. The first case scenario is what most people encounter but the second case is where I would like us to imagine.


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  1. East,west,north or south no where can ever be like home and just as i felt the same way as you did on my first trip outside my country,i have lived here for about fifteen years gotten married and have two wonderful kids (a boy and a girl) and even when i do visit home and to be precise i am not a diplomat and i am now a citizen of this country and i have visited all the countinents on earth on one business trip or another i do not feel the same way as when i am in my home country.

  2. Joy i want to agree with you,but with your family with you where you are you should feel some kind of comfort compared with some families who are live apart due to one reason or another.

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