Christmas In The Philippines

          You would ask, why is she always writing about Christmas? Well this is one time in our lives that we are all together along with extended family members. In my country, depending on which ethnic group you belong, Christmas is celebrated differently. In our case, it is the time to converge at my husband’s home place where his parent lives along with all his siblings and their own family. It is a big party.
          After my first experience, I have always being open to difference in culture with regards to the country of residence but I still was not expecting what happened in the Philippines. Christmas was not just on the 25th of December but it started from October. The country lights up with the coming home of its citizens abroad (Balik bayans), the shops are full, sales are going on, everybody is inviting you to their Christmas party, every night there are fireworks (competition among municipalities), Christmas songs everywhere, people already wishing you a merry Christmas and you are in the Christmas mood for three months.
          I know what you are thinking next because I had the same thought. What happens on Christmas day? Well, that is when the master piece of the art of Christmas in the Philippines comes to its height. The whole place goes wild and everyone is outside their homes watching the display of fireworks or in some concert or at the grand firework ground, where some countries come to compete with the other.
          It was three months of fun for both the children and adults. The best part of the all these affairs was the fact that I did not miss spending Christmas in my country nor did I miss being with the whole clan. It was a totally different situation and I looked forward to another Christmas. Please do not ask how much weight I added during the period because it was worth every Kg.
          This was the opposite of my first experience.


Published on July 30, 2008 at 10:02 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Different strokes for different folks,what goes for you might not go for me.For me and my family we always enjoy a very quite christmas in a resort outside our home country and country of residence so as to view the year about to end and try to plan for a better year ahead.

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