My Life

I was not born into a family of diplomats but into a humble one. My father is a retired accountant and my mother (an amazing woman) an entrepreneur, who raised me and gave me the basic lessons of life. Life was tough for my mother, as a single mother, but she gave us the education that she did not have.

This brings me to the idea that diplomacy is made for the royals and upper class. Well, my parents are not direct royals but may have a very long distance relationship to one, which does not make me royal. Meaning that I do not fit into this believe and raise the question, how did I get into the Foreign Service? The answer is very simple, this believes was back in the old days when the world was ruled by the monarchs and their children were the few who had the opportunity to have an education. The beauty of freedom of education gave rise to equal opportunity for all.

So, how did I get in? I simply listen to my mother and had an education, which I hoped to use in my quest to be an entrepreneur like her. However, she had other plans for me; by the way, mothers listen to God a lot and seem to know what is best for their children 80% of the time. She felt that being an entrepreneur then would hamper my chance of getting married, as the society then furan on women who venture out of the norm. It took a lot of persuasions and counseling to convince me other wish and I gave one condition that I wanted a ministry that would allow me see the world, be productive and that would be fulfilling.

I believe the first job that was offered to me was to be a banker, which I rejected and then a revenue collector, again I rejected it. I had no idea where that job was that would fulfill my dream, as I never heard of the Foreign Ministry. Finally, the opportunity came and I still needed convincing as it was not clear to me what the job entailed. When I got the load down of the job description, I accepted it and then went to the whole process of becoming a diplomat. I must add here that the load down was incomplete, as a lot of issues were learnt on the job and as time went on.

Like I said, you learn more along the way, which brings me to the issue of how I became the spouse of a diplomat. What can I say? We met on the job and within six months he had proposed to me and I said yes. A year later, we were married and before our first anniversary he was posted out. This is one issue that I never thought about and no telescope could have foreseen this.

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  1. Madam,
    Welldone ooooooooooo. You be talk and do. Many more greece. Na patrick olisa. I hope say u go take ur time visit my web site too. Take am easy oooooo

  2. The journey of life is a learning process in totality, from the day we are born till the day we die, we learn and for sure nothing in life is ever COINCIDENTAL, whatever comes our way be it a case of been strong willed or a case as some people might put it a mistake, it is always a definite plan of ”THE SOURCE”

  3. Looking at it like that, yes there is no coincident in life.
    Thanks Lord Henry

  4. Thanks Patrick.

  5. Dear Janet,

    What an interesting website you’ve created! As I have told you before, you are a smart and innovative woman. This assignment you have completed only reinforces my belief. I wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavours.

    Best regards,


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