To both the uninformed and the elite, the life of a diplomat could have various outlooks. While to some it entails all the good things of life and to others it may be more complex. Arguably both views are correct but it is much more – insecurity.
         Imagine this situation. As a single young diplomat with less than one year experience in the job, I found myself on posting to an African country in political turmoil. The new revolutionary Socialist regime had just violently seized power and was yet to consolidate its position. In the midst of wide spread and uncontrolled Violence, Ambassadors and Head of Missions were invited to attend a military parade.
         The idea was to showcase the Military power of the Country and also flex the might of the new regime.
         My Ambassadors refused to attend as well as four other senior officers in line. Why? The insecurity in the Country was so great and it was speculated that there will be an attempt to over throw the new regime during the parade. 
         But can you believe this. As the most junior officer I was directed to represent the Mission. I had no choice but to attend. Thank god nothing happened during the five hours parade. But assuming hell was let loose, what could have become of me.
         It was not funny, for the entire period of the parade was the most apprehensive and insecure in my stay in that country.
         This is also a life of a Diplomat at post.

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  1. What a life where juniors always or rather sometimes are used as scape goats or do i say take the fall for their seniors.I do not doubt the fact that it wasn’t funny to you as at that time,because if i was in your shoes i could have probably made up one excuse or the other to avoid going there at the very last minute.

  2. Henry i kind of agree with you,why do all the benefits and credits go to the seniors while the juniors do all the work? It’s quite a funny world we live in or what do you guys think?

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