Across Countries

Dearest Janet,
I think this a wonderful idea which is long over due because you are touching on the right points which really determine, shape and also directs a very successes as diplomats. As you know my experience my be slightly different from yours and I would like you so consider it. By that I mean going on posting and leaving your children to be taken care of by a grandparent or a spouse and the anxieties associated with it as well as the pitfalls if one is not favoured with God’s Grace or luck. There have been several instances where its not only the fact that you miss out on an important part of the upbringing of the children, but also you may not get your money’s worth by returning to find that after all the sacrifices you made for a better life for the family you had left behind, the children have been turned into something you would not have wished for them. This is the lot of diplomats whose countries do not assist them to pay for the schooling of their children whilst at post in countries which speak languages different from theirs. Indeed, the diplomatic life is not a bed of roses as most people view it.
You have mentioned the many countries you have visited. I think I may have done better than you in that aspect. But you failed to talk about the jet lag situations you find yourself in when you arrive at the other side of the world, and the fact that you sometimes have to walk straight into meetings. These situations are also sometimes compounded by terrible flights in little aircrafts and horrible flying experiences. A particular case in question for me was on a near fatal landing on one Spanish island on a very windy day. The pilot decided that the speed with which he had touched down was too much and took off lmost immediately to circle for another thirty minutes before coming in to land finally. Should it have been fatal, would I have been called a hero who had died in the service of my nation? I rest my case here and hope that other diplomats would share some of their experiences with us. Congratulations on this innovation.

Betty Osafo-Mensah

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