I work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my country and in the cadre that allows me to represent her abroad, as a diplomat. It is important to note that not everyone who works for the Foreign Ministry is a diplomat. In this cadre, you have to be recruited for that specific reason, must have a degree in the required fields (it depends on what is needed that year of recruitment) and then pass through the academe.
          My blog is about my experiences so far as a diplomat and the spouse of a diplomat. I wear both shoes and there are a few diplomats who are in this situation. It is one thing to be a diplomat and another to be the spouse of a diplomat. Combining both job descriptions have its difficulties and require skill to pull it off.
          I stated writing this blog to fulfill a school project and it turns out to be a hidden desire that I did not know existed. The process so far have being tasking but I’m happy to contribute my thoughts for others to learn from or compare note to.
          This blog would also be of interest to high school students who would like to be diplomats since information about the type of life they may live, are not thought in schools.
          I hope you enjoy reading my experiences and please feel free to add your comments, thoughts or questions and I will surely reply.


Not sure I agree with this comment but there are so many of such comment flying around.

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