A Diplomat

Diplomatic life as I know it is somewhat like being on a roller coaster. It has ups and downs depending on what makes an individual happy, excited, sad or/and depressed. The little things that people take for granted are the very aspect of one’s life that is precious. From leaving the house you’ve lived in for some years to not having to buy that particular sweet that you prefer.

Does it sound so silly to you? Wait until you have to leave home for 3-4 years to a country far away that does not have food products that are familiar to you or have a saloon where you can make you hair, which could lead to it falling off. Viewing it from the perspective of the children, every time they move the new school insist that they drop a year due to difference in system of education or so call standard. This is my point, the little things that makes you happy without your knowing it.

On the other hand, you get to attend mass at the Vatican celebrated by the Pope or be invited to dinner and you are seated on the same table as George Clooney. Without your beautiful hair to style and look gorgeous, that day would be the worse day ever especially if you feature in the papers.

You would ask, how vain can she be when there are thousands dying of hunger in the world? The fact is I care and doing the best within my capacity but that should not deprive me of my happiness. I have a function to perform and would have loved to do so in the comfort of my home, but that is not possible and so I have to move without the things that contribute to my happiness.

That is being a diplomat for me.


Enjoy the video below.

Published on July 24, 2008 at 1:24 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. A diplomat as the name implies, means a person designated by his or her country to handle her affairs abroad.
    I remember an instance my boss told me, he was representing our country there and then we had a coup d’etat in our home country. He found out that diplomats from other countries were avoiding him and members of our embassy during any meeting or dinner they were fortunate enough to have been invited. Even during such meetings, whatever they contributed(said) were never taking seriously.That didn’t mean he or all the members of the embassy would resign because of the discrimination they faced, as it was all part of the job of been A DIPLOMAT.

  2. Hi Henry,
    You are right about the fact that we diplomats handle the affairs of our countries abroad.
    I do not wish to be in the position of your boss during those days, as it is one of the worse period of a diplomat.
    The foreign diplomats are only trying to save the image of their countries. They would not to be associated with your boss at that time because it may be misunderstood as their countries accepting the conduct of his military leaders.
    You must know that coup d’etat is not accepted by most western countries.
    The best position of your boss should be that of understanding their dilemma and playing it cool. It’s like a bad stormy day but would definitely come to past.

  3. Presently i want to wonder how Georgean and Russian diplomats around the world would relate to themselves with the leaders of their countries trading words on national television screens,this is the time for DIPLOMACY.

  4. West and North,Russia and Georgia,Nigeria and Cameroon,America and Iran,Isreal and Syria the list is really endless,these are really trying times for diplomats,because the whole world is watching them for anything they do or say in public could be READ to mean something.

  5. Mike and Austin i kind of want to see things from your points of view,because diplomats could or rather are seen as the reflection of their countries abroad.

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